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Drømmeflyet 2018 Event

Posted on 08/02/2018 by Kristian Jaegervand

We thought of making an event for the VA again, and asked on facebook for suggestions. Drømmeflyet was a suggestion left in the post by one of our admins, and it got support to be made, therefore between August 10th and August 12th, we are hosting the Drømmeflyet 2018 event!

What is Drømmeflyet? Drømmeflyet (The dream plane) is the name of an annual event organized by volunteers in Widerøe. Every year there is a new base that is responsible. Previously, Drømmeflyet has flown to Mummiland in Finland, Legoland in Billund, The King Park (Kongeparken) in Stavanger and the zoo in Kristiansand. In addition to flying cancerous children and their families, Drømmeflyet also wants to contribute to an experience for families from children and youth departments in the region. This year, Bergen is responsible for Drømmeflyet, and the destination has been set to Legoland in Billund. The takeoff date is 10th of August in real life, but we have chosen to have it the whole weekend.

What will I get for flying this event? You will get the airport of the day award and Drømmeflyet 2018 award for flying to Billund this weekend.


Check out our original facebook event for more information! You could also ask more questions regarding this event there!

We hope we see you there!


-Widerøe Virtual Staff Team

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